“I love Farm Fresh Pet Foods Beef Treats for my dog Cash, a red colored golden retriever! The tricks that he does without prompting is truly quite adorable. As soon as I grab from the fridge the package that he knows contains these healthy and extremely delicious treats his gigantic tail goes into overdrive! And this makes me happy as I believe in health (Holistic Practitioner by trade) not only for me and my family but also for our family dog. And this gives me the peace of mind I require in knowing that I have chosen something that not only feels right for me (based on the healthy ingredients that they are made from) but also makes my dog display his satisfaction. Excellent product which I would recommend to any dog owner.”


“I have three picky dogs, two of which have very sensitive stomachs.  The Farm Fresh treats are the only ones they all like and agree with everyone’s tummy. The quality is high and I feel good about giving them to my dogs.  In summer I pop them into the freezer so they can have a cold treat that is still soft for their teeth. I don’t know what I’d do without Farm Fresh!  Always my first choice!”

Sharon, Calgary, Alberta


“I think my dog is a full blown addict to your treats! I feel good giving her something that requires a fridge, as the amount of preservatives in many dog treats is always questionable. Nothing makes her go crazy like those treats!

Miep R, Edmonton, Alberta


“I just want to tell you how much my dog loves your treats!! He’s so picky and your treats fit perfectly in his Kong! Thank you so much!”

Jennifer M, New Brunswick


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